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About ATNI

ATNI – Aquatic Therapy Network of India is an initiative to bring all the aquatic therapy professionals and their activities under a single umbrella. It is established to provide support, enable research, assist in infrastructure development, develop professionals, deliver right education and most of all make the concept of Aquatic therapy reach the patients. It is formed by a group of enthusiastic group of Professionals who are aquatic therapists. It was conceptualised in the year 2011 by C G Prashanth after completion of his training in aquatic therapy at KliniK Valens, Switzerland. After observing lack of awareness and education of aquatic therapy in India, there was a need to form a support group for helping the concept of Aquatic therapy to grow, to help various professionals to sustain the concept and make the patients obtain the maximum benefit.

ATNI was initially started as a face book group, growing slowly developing objectives, paving clear directions for growth and supporting professionals.

ATNI will work in coordination with Physiotherapists,  occupational Therapists, Watsu Practitioners, Aqua fitness professionals and other aquatic body workers to establish professional boundaries and standards of practice.

Aquatic Therapy Network of India is now a charitable trust registered under charitable trusts act 1957 with register number 260. The trust was registered at Dharwad on 9/11/2016. The registered address for the trust is

House No. 4, 75/a, 60 th main,
Amareshwara colony,
Vanasirinagar, Navalur,
Dharwad – 580009

Official email id is –


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Our Dream and Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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  • To establish network of certified aquatic therapy professionals working with various aquatic therapy concepts.

  • Educate Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Fitness professionals, WATSU practitioners & special educators on the basics of Aquatic therapy and establish clear boundaries on scope of practice as per their primary qualification.

  • To support the practitioners in their practice of Aquatic therapy.

  • It will establish ATNI recognized practitioners, courses and pools across India.

  • To collaborate with various National and International associations of Aquatic therapy to develop Interpersonal professional Interaction for improving the competency of professionals.

  • To share information amongst colleagues of aquatic therapy across the globe to help in improving mutual knowledge database.

  • Integrate Practical sessions for physiotherapists and occupational therapists at undergraduate level to educate appropriately about the concept.

  • To establish Therapeutic Pools with high standards of practice.

  • To establish standards of practice, education, safety & hygiene at the aquatic therapy centres.

  • Bring awareness about practical benefits in patient population using evidence based approach.

  • To develop into a National Network and establish aquatic therapy centers at feasible and viable places in terms of infrastructure and economy across India.

  • To  promote Aquatic therapy research and develop skilled resources of man power with a view to render service to the community and promote social contact amongst aquatic therapists & general public by: 

    – Organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, refresher courses etc., for promotion and mutual exchange of knowledge.

    – Instituting awards, orations, prizes, fellowships studentships and research grants.

    – Promoting teaching, training and continuing education  in Aquatic therapy by establishing and maintaining  reference library, publishing journals and proceedings of  the ATNI and other such material.

    – Promoting clinical, experimental, community and  operational research in 
    aquatic therapy.

    – Organizing exhibition of machinery, tools and  appliances etc., pertaining to aquatic therapy with a view to encourage and improve the manufacture of such instruments and appliances in India and also to  promote  advise quality control in the manufacture of aforesaid instruments and appliances.
    – Encouraging formation and affiliation of city/district chapters of ATNI.

    – To establish association with other aquatic therapy service providers in  India and co-ordinating with other medical association to  encourage the growth of aquatic therapy.

    – Promotion of social contact and creation of goodwill amongst the aquatic therapists.

  • Ensuring ethical practice and professional conduct of its members as laid down by the trust from time to time.

  • Maintaining liaison with Central and State Governments and various appropriate bodies regarding matters concerning teaching and practice of aquatic therapy.

  • To affiliate with National and International Universities, Institutions, autonomous bodies, Government and other leading Educational Institutions. 

  • To publish books, magazines, literatures, research articles by utilizing the expertise available in house and from other resource persons.

  • To create a Fund for the purpose of financing for training of economically weaker students on Aquatic Therapy.

  • To do such other things/acts/activities, which are necessary and which may be incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the object of the Trust.

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