Registered Practitioners

How do I become a Registered Practitioner & be available as Aquatic Professional Consultant?

  • Complete the membership process.

  • Fill up the disclaimer.

  • Provide certificates/Transcript with required educational hours as per ATNI guidelines.
    • Primary Qualifications
      • Physiotherapy degree certificate
      • Occupational therapy degree certificate
      • Other Educational degree certificate

    • Aquatic Education with Transcript and credit hours
      • Aquatic Therapy. 
      • Watsu practitioner certificate.
      • Aqua fitness professional Certificate.

  • Provide valid ATNI recognized BLS/CPR certification.

  • Submit Registration form for being listed as registered practitioner.

  • Await Confirmation from ATNI Board.

  • If Approved – Be listed as registered Practitioner (No Extra Fee for Members).

  • If Not approved – complete the requirements recommended by the board & Re – Apply.

  • To retain ATNI registered practitioner status – complete the periodic APD points as recommended by ATNI Policy. 

  • ATNI has professionals listed under Two Professional categories 
    • Aquatic Therapy Professional – Qualified to Treat clinical problems & offer goal-oriented therapy.
    • Aquatic Bodywork Professional – Qualified to offer aquatics for non-clinical problems and for general health benefits.
  • It is possible for a qualified professional to be listed in both categories based on essential educational qualifications. 
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