Why should I choose water?

Water is a universal element. Since time immemorial, water has been used for cleansing in various cultures. It possesses some interesting properties that when used in the right way can reduce load on joints, provide relaxation of stressed muscles, stimulate muscle activity, promote blood circulation, and enhance recovery process. All these internal changes cause reduction […]

What is Aquatic Bodywork?

Aquatic Bodywork is a set of activities like Aqua Fitness & Watsu that are given by certified professionals in an appropriate pool, either one on one or in group to improve overall fitness, provide deep relaxation, reduce stress, promote holistic health and internal healing.

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is a set of therapeutic procedures carried out by a certified practitioner in a therapeutic pool using properties and hydrodynamic principles to bring Physiological, Psychological and Therapeutic changes in clinical problems to facilitate recovery, maintain health and promote social wellbeing.