Dual-Task Training in Aquatic Therapy Settings: Finding the Right Challenge

Series :

ATNI Invited Speakers

Date :

June 29, 2021

Time :

9:00 pm, India

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Description :

Take full advantage of the aquatic environment with dual task training for achievement of specific therapeutic goals. This presentation will review evidence on the effects of dual task activity on functional mobility. Rationale will be discussed for the therapeutic use of dual task training in the aquatic environment for patients with balance and/or cognitive challenges.

Speaker :

Dr. Emily Dunlap

Emily Dunlap, has specialized in aquatic physical therapy since 1988. and is certified in Halliwick, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Ai Chi and Watsu (level III). Most recently She is the owner of Aquatic Therapy Pro doing a variety of work as a researcher, clinician and consultant for education. She is also working towards her Ph.D. in exercise physiology as part of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory at The University of Texas in Austin. Emily has authored chapters in 3 aquatic rehabilitation textbooks and has published original research on the use of waterproof dressings in the aquatic setting as well as a review on Ai Chi. Emily is honored with several awards. She has also initiated an Aquatic Rehabilitation Journal Club which is free and open to all professionals interested in Aquatic Rehabilitation.
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