Spinal Cord Injury – A Journey with Aquatic Therapy

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ATNI Invited Speakers

Date :

September 30, 2021

Time :

9:00 pm, India

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“SCI – A Journey with Aquatic Therapy” – This hour-long session is to review the evidence supporting the effectiveness of aquatic therapy in the SCI population. We’ll discuss the precautions/contraindications and approaches to treatment based on goals, level of lesion, and abilities of our clients. This is a unique population, presenting with unique challenges and the water is a unique environment. Come listen, learn and share.

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Alison Bonnyman is a Physiotherapist with over 35 years of clinical experience. She completed her research masters in 2011, conducting a pilot study investigating the effect of 6 months aquatic exercise intervention on the bone geometry of women with osteoporosis. Aquatic therapy became a focus 20 years ago with involvement in the development of community therapy pools and programming. Recently, her aquatic therapy research has been in Neuro and SCI.

She is the Program Coordinator for the InternationallyEducated Physical Therapy Bridging Program at the University of Toronto and teaches the aquatic therapy curriculum at the University.

Alison practices clinically in the community, wherever there is a suitable, accessible pool with the intent to ultimately bridge the patient to an independent pool program.

Alison founded Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors, CARI, in 2011 to connect, support, develop and teach Canadian Aquatic Therapists advanced Aquatic Therapy.
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