Aquatic Therapy Schemes in Gait Disturbances

Event Details:

Date : 27th April

Time : 9 pm India

Speaker : Ms. Katrien Lemahieu

Speaker Info: Katrien has 20+ years in the aquatic industry, both in fitness and therapy. She is specialized in peds and the elderly know as very creative and has strong charisma. Her works was awarded several times, including the Tsunami Spirit Award, by ATRI.
She is an AEA ITS, is CEO of Kataqua, a worldwide known Educational Institue for Aquatics.

Event details: Gait is individual and unique. But any disturbances can alter it, which mostly leads to less independence. we will analyse gait patterns and learn how to include them in the therapy sessions, for better gait, balance, coordination and muscle (co-activation).

Here is the Webinar Video

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